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69% users bet metaverse entertainment will reshape social lifestyle: Data

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Last year the crypto and Web3 saw a dichotomy between extremely turbulent markets, yet high prospects for the future of the space.

Both users and investors alike have continued to pile into the industry, especially in areas concerned with the metaverse.A new survey from CoinWire, which surveyed over 10,000 investors in the crypto space in December 2022, found that user sentiment towards the metaverse has digital reality poised to influence all areas of social life.

69% of respondents have placed their bet on the metaverse to reshape social lifestyle with a new approach to entertainment, while 65% believed in metaverse's new approach to social activities.

Sentiments on how it will affect finances, business and education were also high at 61.2%, 49.6% and 45%, respectively. Over the last five years, Microsoft secured 158 metaverse-related patents, overshadowing Big Tech firms such as Meta, Tencent and Epic Games.As the metaverse continues to develop, it will have the possibility to impact social life in a more tangible manner.

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