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Ankr exploit victims group alleges the company only reimbursed them 50%

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A group calling itself “Victims of Ankr Exploit” have claimed that its members lost over 13,000 BNB liquid staking coins (over $4 million worth at the time of writing) as a result of the Dec.

2 Ankr exploit, but have not been adequately reimbursed by the Ankr company. According to a Jan. 19 statement from the group received by Cointelegraph, affected members alleged that they have only received half of the amount they lost.

The group has called on Binance’s Chanpeng Zhao (also known as “CZ”) to put pressure on Ankr to get the funds released.1/4 We, the victims of Ankr exploit, are increasing the reward from 100 BNB to 110 BNB (worth $28700 currently) for the person (including influencers and media) that:✅ helps @cz_binance to understand the unfair compensation AND;✅ makes @ankr to compensate us 100% group specifically claimed that a reimbursement plan posted by Ankr on Dec.

20 has been unfair to liquidity providers at Wombat exchange. Under this plan, Ankr proposed to “partially cover the loss of stkBNB liquidity providers on Wombat.” Ankr argued that a full reimbursement would be unfair because “the nature of the mixed liquidity pools” on Wombat made it hard to determine how much liquidity providers had lost.The Ankr exploit victim group admitted that Ankr compensated them with 50% of the BNB lost in the attack, but insisted that it should have compensated them 100%.The group argued that Ankr has refused to compensate them fully because the stkBNB and BNBx liquid staking tokens lost were competitors to Ankr’s own ankrBNB tokens:Citing a tweet from ZachXBT, they argued that Ankr has the ability to compensate them fully because it recovered 1,559 ETH (approximately $2.4 million worth at the time

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