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Baidu Ai Chatbot Raises Questions With Its Claim of 'improved' Communication

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Chinese-based multinational tech firm Baidu recently unveiled its latest AI chatbot, with intriguing claims about its capabilities.According to Baidu, the new chatbot can communicate with zero errors on sensitive topics.However, Baidu’s claims raise questions, given the extent of the capabilities of the many AI chatbots available today.

The question is: Does Baidu’s AI possess the touted ability, or is it a censorship strategy?Baidu has gradually climbed the success lather in the tech industry since its launch in 2000, earning it the title of China's Google.

Baidu is among the world's most influential tech companies based in Beijing. Like Google, Baidu offers search engine services, cloud storage, mapping, online ad services, and AI-powered applications.The company has advanced significantly in AI technology in recent years, especially in natural language processing and chatbot development.Baidu's latest endeavors focused on creating virtual assistants capable of human-like conversations and providing precise and helpful data to users.

As part of its AI development endeavors, Baidu developed an error-free AI chatbot, claiming it handles sensitive topics precisely and effectively.The innovation stirred reactions and interests within and beyond the tech ecosystems.

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