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Basketball's Shaquille O'Neal Sued Over FTX and NFT

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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has been served legal papers related to the FTX bankruptcy and his NFT project after eluding process servers for months.

On Tuesday, the basketball icon was served during an NBA playoff game at the Miami sports stadium formerly known as FTX Arena, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

O’Neal received legal papers for two separate lawsuits, one of which was the complaint in the class action filed against him and other celebrities (including Tom Brady) over the collapse of FTX.The other lawsuit alleged that he founded and promoted a Solana-based nonfungible token project called Astrals, which the lawsuit claims were “unregistered securities.”This came as process servers have been pursuing the NBA legend for months, trying to reach him at his homes and studio, and at one point tossed legal papers at his SUV.

On Tuesday night, they got him in Miami at the Kaseya Center during Game 4 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals, according to Adam Moskowitz, a lawyer representing the FTX investors. “It seems absurd to have to go to such great lengths to serve Mr.

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