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Bitcoin Pizza Day: How one transaction in 2010 led to global crypto adoption?

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Bitcoin Pizza Day is a poignant reminder that cryptocurrencies possess real-world value beyond their speculative nature. It showcased that Bitcoin could be used as a medium of exchange, challenging the notion that traditional fiat currencies were the only means of conducting transactions.

This realization opened floodgates for many possibilities, capturing early adopters' attention and propelling the cryptocurrency movement forward.

Since that fateful day, Bitcoin has come a long way, experiencing significant milestones and gaining recognition as a revolutionary force in finance and technology.How did that day spark global crypto adoption?Price SurgeOne of the most prominent examples of Bitcoin's success is its meteoric rise in value.

From being worth just a few cents at its inception, Bitcoin soared to unprecedented heights, reaching a peak of nearly $65,000 per coin in 2021.

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