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Bitcoin set to 'tick, tick, tick' by the end of 2023: DeFi exec

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Bitcoin (BTC) is poised to claim the cryptocurrency throne by the end of 2023, as its superiority “is going to be clear” in every aspect, according to Fedi’s CEO.During the Bitcoin 2023 event in Miami on May 20, Cointelegraph reporter Joe Hall interviewed Obi Nwosu, the CEO and co-founder of Fedi – a Bitcoin community custody protocol that offers an alternative solution for those who lack access to or don’t trust centralized exchanges.Catching up with homies is the best part of conferences. @obi @FelixWeis taking the picture!Known these dudes for over almost a decade now!

And what a decade it's been! emphasized during the interview that it is becoming “increasingly hard to deny” that Bitcoin’s ecosystem is the “fastest, cheapest, easiest, most decentralized and secure” among all crypto ecosystems.Nwosu anticipates that this will become even more apparent by year-end.

He noted:He said that regardless of whether the goal is to develop functionality, establish a decentralized social media network, or even empower local communities, it is becoming “increasingly obvious” that Bitcoin is the most efficient and secure solution.However, he does believe there is space for other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin.

He envisions a “multi coin future,” comparing it to the evolution of music.Furthermore, he emphasized there is a “big misunderstanding” regarding its “slow innovation.”He explained that there is a misconception that there is a functional or scaling limitation with Bitcoin, but the “reality is” developments are happening "incredibly fast," with a focus on creating solutions “that are correct the first time.”Nwosu pointed out that prioritizing perfection may cause delays but is

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