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Calvaria's Play-to-Earn Crypto Game Is Poised for Big Gains – Less Than $100,000 Left in Presale

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Calvaria, a new-generation blockchain card game, is gradually rounding up its presale event. With investors piling up its RIA token, the online strategy game is entering its last $100k raise target before the early-bird offer ends.Calvaria is an online strategy game in which players compete in tournaments using cards representing various in-game characters.

The cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with unique abilities and characteristics.Players must assemble the best deck of cards to compete against one another.

To achieve this, they employ complex strategies and tactics. The winning player is then given eRIA.The blockchain game is also designed so that players have complete control over their in-game assets.

These assets can be obtained through gameplay or participation in other platform activities. Players can earn passive income by monetizing these in-game assets in the Calvaria NFT marketplace.Calvaria developers set out to create a game in which each user serves as a pseudo-ambassador for cryptocurrency.

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