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Can Roning gain trust of crypto community and make a comeback

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Ronin, a layer 1 solution largely created for the game-to-earn movement, has seen some impressive growth over the past year.

After recovering from its recent hack, Ronin has set its sights on its future goals. In an elaborate roadmap that they shared on their website, Ronin provided a brief on developing their ‘Land Gameplay Community: Alpha’ and their AXS ecosystem in the remainder of 2022.The community is aiming to create a single application that would interact with the entire Axie Infinity ecosystem.

This would include social networks, marketplaces, and multiple games.However, their overall goal is yet to be achieved. Not to forget, Ronin will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach its final destination.One of the major obstacles would be to regain users’ trust given the Ronin Bridge hack that happened in March.

Although the Ronin Bridge was opened on 28 June, it still has a long way to go.One of the ways in which Ronin improved its security was to add 21 independent validator nodes to collectively secure the network.

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