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Crypto app downloads have interesting figure to surprise traders

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Cryptocurrency trading and wallet app downloads have fallen by 55% year-over-year (YoY) through the third quarter due to sluggish market trends, says a recent Apptopiareport.

The report surveyed market trends around fintech companies and concluded that the “negative sentiment has gone too far.” Among the fintech segments worst hit by the economic crisis, the cryptocurrency industry leads the pack.It was in the second quarter of the current year that the Terra stablecoin system collapsed, leading to the crash hitting the cryptocurrency market.

Since then, the crypto market has been plagued by a bear trend for the rest of the year. New app downloads, reflecting the number of new members, have fallen 55% YoY through Q3.Source: apptopiaOn the other hand, cash advance and buy now, budget tracking, and pay later app downloads have grown 69%, 22.6%, and 22% YoY respectively during Q3.

The trend shows that a lot of people are relying on such apps because people are short of cash amidst a dwindling economy with rising inflation. “People are looking to purchase items they do not currently have the cash flow for,” the report stated.The current trend is in stark opposition to one witnessed last year.

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