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Crypto mining in 2023 — Is it still worth it? Watch Market Talks

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In this week’s episode of Market Talks, Cointelegraph welcomes Justin Kramer, CEO of Badgerland Home Crypto Mining and a long-time cryptocurrency investor.

When he is not attending to his own mining rigs, Kramer provides consultation services to home-based operations and larger startups on how to set up mining farms.We start things off with miner prices and how they have changed in the last few months.

Have the prices gone up or down, and what kind of impact does Bitcoin (BTC) have on prices? Which miners are the most in-demand right now, and who is buying them — small-scale miners or larger operations?Mining operations that paid extremely high prices for mining rigs, which are now not worth even close to the same amount, how are they managing in this market?

What is their plan for getting their investments back? Is it a lost cause at this point since the prices of the coins they currently mine are not as high as they used to be?

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