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Crypto Prices Under Pressure – Here's 10 Ways to Protect Your Wealth From the Fed

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Crypto prices are telling us that there’s a storm brewing if it's not already here, so the sensible thing to do is to batten down the hatches.

But what exactly does that mean for market participants in the cryptocurrency space? What action can and should you take to preserve your wealth?Increasingly it looks likely that the U.S.

Federal Reserve FOMC will be increasing rates by a minimum of 0.75%, with 1% being a distinct possibility.Crypto investors have never before been so fixated on the price of borrowing money, or at least not when it comes to the old type of money we know as fiat.The circulation of goods and services of course depends on wheels of commerce being oiled by a plentiful supply of liquidity.

But too much of that liquidity in the wrong places can cause problems, and one of them is inflation. Inflation is the most obvious sign of a malaise that crypto adherents will be quick to shout we told you so – all that QE funny money just put off the crisis.But the storm is such that it is and will envelope all before it, including cryptos, so how to prepare to weather it?The first rule of investing applies to crypto too – don’t realize your losses by selling.

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