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Demystifying the link between VDAs and blockchains

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While there is increasing acceptance around the untenable value of VDAs, the topic is still riddled with jargon and is somewhat inaccessible to the larger public.

There also still exist critics who often deem VDAs as ponzi schemes with no underlying value. This article seeks to break down the true value of VDAs in simple terms.How are VDAs and Blockchains LinkedIn order to understand the value of VDAs, it is first important to understand what a blockchain is.

One can think of public blockchains as digital ledgers, similar to online spreadsheets, shared across and maintained by a network of participants who view and validate the stored data.

Such blockchains enable participants to transact with one another on the network without the involvement of a central server and all these transactions are recorded on the database in a distributed manner by multiple network computers.

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