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Does Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget offer any solutions to Britain’s crises? Our panel decides

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Imagine if Labour blew up the rules to balloon already soaring inflation, borrowing without knowing the cost, spending on evidence-free pet projects to benefit its own favoured core backers while falling into recession.

Cue collapse in markets, a run on the pound, flight of capital, interest rates soaring, foreign raiders snatching UK companies, collapse in consumer confidence: actually, that’s happening.In the looking-glass world of Trussonomics, it’s borrow like there’s no tomorrow to reward bankers with bonuses, the rich with huge 5% top tax cuts, second homeowners with stamp duty cuts, with nothing much for the middle or the poor.

The Conservatives’ trick through the ages was to persuade ordinary voters that what serves the rich serves “the economy” and ultimately them too – the nonexistent trickle-down Joe Biden just excoriated.

But that took deceit and pretence: Cameron’s “big society”, Johnson’s “levelling up”.Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s lack of guile is their one virtue.

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