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Downfall of Canada's Lambo driving ‘Crypto King’ reportedly sees $35M in losses

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A self-styled 23-year-old 'Crypto King' is facing a raft of demands among 140 of his investors as they try to claw back a collective total of $35 million from his company AP Private Equity Limited.According to a Sept.

20 CBC report, creditors are hard at work trying to unravel where all the money they allegedly gave Canadian Aiden Pleterski to make crypto and foreign exchange investments on their behalf ended up.A bankruptcy trustee's report, creditors meeting minutes, court filings, and complaints made to Investigation Counsel PC reveal Pleterski owned 11 vehicles, leased four other luxury cars, regularly flew on private jets, and was living in a lakefront mansion costing $45,000 a month to rent.So far roughly $2 million worth of assets have been seized, among them two McLarens, two BMWs and a Lamborghini.Norman Groot, the founder of Investigation Counsel PC, a fraud recovery law firm claimed the "large lifestyle burn rate" still doesn't "account for the amount of money that's missing."An initial lawsuit brought against Pleterski resulted in his assets and bank accounts being frozen, but that has now been superseded by bankruptcy proceedings.

At this stage, it is the only recovery process for investors because bankruptcy proceedings take precedence over civil claims.Groot said that "the only other avenue available for investors would be to make reports to the Ontario Securities Commission and the police." "Those processes are lengthy" he said adding, "The more time that goes by, the less likely there's a recovery of evidence and less likely there's a recovery of money."Groot said the warning signs for investors of excessively high returns were there for all to see."Five per cent interest [a week] is not available on the

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