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El Salvador Launches Bitcoin, Lightning Network Dev Courses for University Students

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The El Salvador government has announced the launch of new university courses in Bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network development.The government’s Bitcoin Office unveiled its plans on Twitter.

It explained that its new “CUBO+” courses will comprise an “advanced bitcoin engineering program that lasts several months.” The courses will “offer credit as well as placement for those who qualify” for an “inaugural fellowship,” the office wrote.The office added that the project was being funded by Tether, the USDT developer, and Fulgur Ventures, a BTC and Lightning-focused investment firm.The Bitcoin Office answers directly to President Nayib Bukele.The government arm announced that “the biggest names in Bitcoin from around the world” would be recruited to work as lecturers and mentors.

And the mentors, it said, would work with “El Salvador’s best and brightest computer science students.”The office wrote:“The bitcoiners who will participate as lecturers and mentors will be announced soon.

The aim is excellence. And nothing less. [...] Bitcoin is for everyone. And we will prove that.”And the government body further claimed that the development was the result of progress made by the El Salvador Bitcoin Embassy in Lugano, Switzerland.

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