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Environmental commodities evolve with new blockchain-based infrastructure

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In recent years, taking care of the environment has been elevated to a global priority, as evidenced by carbon dioxide emissions hitting a new record high in 2021 at 414.72 parts per million according to the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website.

Recognizing the impact these emissions are having on climate change, many countries have announced their efforts to achieve net-zero emissions.The United States shared its plan for environmental commodity measurement via the Bureau of Economic Analysis, while Denmark leads the charge with a plan to hit net-zero emissions before 2050.

By reaching net zero, a state where greenhouse gasses entering and exiting the atmosphere are equal, global climate change will no longer be a threat to human survival.Consequently the President and Founder of 1GCX, Michael Wilson shares, “environmental commodities, a class of assets that exist as non-tangible energy credits, are now recognized as the most crucial value creators in the next 10 – 50 years”.

With the introduction of these commodities, the global community will have little choice but to pursue cleaner energy consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.Unfortunately, despite the world aligning with “going green,” few understand what this path looks like moving forward.

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