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‘Few options that are cheap’: why are there no affordable cars in the US?

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T he latest full-sized all-electric pickup truck from Detroit’s big three, is the 2025 Ram 1500 REV – burly on the outside, plush on the inside and with enough power on tap to tow 14,000lbs or light your home in a blackout.

Formally introduced at last month’s New York International Auto Show, the REV is the no-compromise electric vehicle for the red meat-hungry American who would not be caught dead biting into a Beyond Burger.

But it will cost you $58,000 to start. More than theaverage yearly wage in many US states.At the top end, the REV will cost you $100,000 – money that could buy a three-bedroom house in Milwaukee or Cleveland.

And there’s every reason to believe the trend will continue as automakers unveil more new products at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this fall.The days of the big city auto show luring in potential buyers with high-priced dream machines to sell them reasonably priced cars are gone.

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