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Flying motorbikes: something out of a bad 1980s sci-fi movie or the future of the commute?

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Name: The Xturismo.Age: Just under a year old.Appearance: The future of aviation as we know it.Wow, a zero-emission aircraft? Well, no, we’re not there yet, but this is still very exciting.Why? It’s – get this – a flying motorcycle!OK, that is very cool.

I bet it looks amazing. I mean, dampen your expectations a bit. Perhaps “flying motorcycle” was overselling it a bit.

In truth, it’s a bit more “massive drone welded to a jetski”.But it can fly! This is still a huge step forward! Yes, that’s very true.

This week, its manufacturer, Aerwins, unveiled it at the North American Auto show, where it was greeted with colossal enthusiasm.Hang on, unveiled this week?

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