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FTX illustrated why banks need to take over cryptocurrency

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FTX — the three letters on everyone’s lips in recent days. For those active in the crypto space, it has been a shattering blow as a tumultuous year for crypto nears an end.

The repercussions are severe, with over a million people and businesses owed money following the collapse of the crypto exchange, according to bankruptcy filings.

With investigations into the collapse ongoing, it will certainly push forward regulatory changes, either via lawmakers or through federal agencies.

While regulators may feel relieved that the scandal didn’t occur under their supervision, it highlights that there simply hasn’t been enough action taken yet by regulators across the globe toward crypto exchanges, many of whom would welcome clear frameworks by those in power.Related: Bankman-Fried misguided regulators by directing them away from centralized financeSome have argued that regulators are at fault for allowing or even encouraging FTX’s behavior and by extension, the creation of many flawed cryptocurrencies.

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