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Get In on the Ground Floor of This New Crypto Gaming Project, Just 4% Of Tokens Left in Presale

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The presale for Calvaria’s RIA token is set to sell out any moment now. The new crypto gaming project has raised over $2.96 million in record time, with less than 200k tokens remaining.Calvaria: Duels of Eternity brings a breath of fresh air to the gaming space, allowing players to enjoy different gameplay benefits and multiple earning opportunities.

In this game, players are transported to an afterlife-themed metaverse where they can choose from different characters. Each character is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT) trading card that displays its characteristics and attributes.Calvaria employs multiple game modes, allowing players to select which they prefer.

They can engage in single-player quests, one-on-one battles, or even tournaments within this universe. The crypto project also has a scholarship system.

Users are rewarded with free access to advertisements and educational content through this scholarship system.Other features include an in-game app and an NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell various cards and traits.

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