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Helium Crypto Price Prediction - Time to Buy HNT?

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Yesterday the price of Helium crypto rocketed up by 29% to $5.71 before harshly correcting back down to $4.68.It could be said that this particular move was another 'Buy the rumor sell the news' event following a very huge partnership.Will HNT crypto recover?

HNT is available to buy on Binance. Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.As the relative strength index exceeded 70, traders promptly pulled out their Helium positions on exchanges causing the price to plummet.

News in relation to a T-mobile partnership was the core reason to the Helium crypto pump, whilst long-term this is a fantastic business initiation the short-term price action is looking rather gloomy.It was just less than 24 hours ago the official @Helium Twitter page announced the partnership, and already the Helium (HNT) price has corrected by a painful 20% since the announcement.

On the macro-scale Helium (HNT) is trading within a giant symmetrical triangle and it seems the price had nowhere else to go up, however, yesterday proved that wrong.

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