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How to find NFT metadata on OpenSea and Rarible?

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NFTs are a game-changing technology, providing ownership for digital assets and serving as certificates for holders or access keys for the underlying content, which could be music, movies, art, real estate, and a lot of other stuff.

However, what makes nonfungible tokens (NFTs) useful in real terms is metadata. It may not be a buzzword exactly but it ensures the user is able to make out what the NFT is all about.Metadata is information about the content that an NFT represents.

As large files cannot be stored on the blockchain for the simple reason that they become too expensive, NFTs, most of the time, just point to the files stored outside the blockchain.

That said, only a few NFT artworks are stored on-chain.This article explains NFT metadata, what makes putting up content on blockchain impractical, and how to find NFT metadata on Opensea and Rarible.

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