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How to take a super-low budget holiday

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Your holiday dreams may have been put on hold as household bills soar but there are creative ways to book a break on a super-low budget if you are willing to think outside the box.If you are an animal lover, for example, you could sign up to a house-sitting website that enables you to stay for free in homes around the world.

All you need to do is look after other people’s pets and homes. Websites such as TrustedHousesitters and Nomador match you with people who need someone to care for their pets and property while they are away.You will typically pay an annual fee for unlimited house sits.

For example, TrustedHousesitters charges from £99 a year, and if you don’t secure any sits within 14 days of making your fifth application you will get your money back.If you are willing to let strangers stay in your home, try one or more of the house swap websites.

You will typically get a free trial period lasting a few weeks, so you can see what homes are on offer. You will then pay about £100 a year for as many home swaps as you like.

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