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I predicted FTX's collapse a month before it happened

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The collapse of FTX has shown that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.In a year filled with jaw-dropping unveilings, none compare to the bewildering fall of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX exchange.

While many were stunned, there were a few tell-tale signs that may have indicated not everything was peachy-perfect over at FTX headquarters.These issues began to compound and, on Oct.

5, I published a detailed commentary about my decision to begin pulling funds out of FTX and short FTT. Im taking all of my capital out of @FTX_Official and going short $FTT FTX has been swinging and missing all year long on so many activationsANDSomething shady is going on at FTX.Here's 12 reasons why I'm completely out on the FTX mafia and @SBF_FTX: [1/20] bottom line is that things didn’t seem right.

A month later, we’re witnessing the fallout.This is not meant to be a victory lap, but rather an opportunity to learn from our collective mistakes and create the systems necessary to prevent this level of fraud from happening again.Now, we have strong allegations that what happened constituted fraud — at the highest levels, by the least conceivable party.

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