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Invest in the Future of Electric Vehicle Charging with This New Crypto Project – How Does it Work?

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As the fight against climate change heats up, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction as a key solution.With huge players such as Elon Musk's Tesla banking big on the so-called 'decade of the EV'.The promise of a carbon neutral future beckons a turning point in society's relationship with carbon emissions.

But it also beckons huge profits.Already valued at $14.5bn, the EV charging industry is currently centralised into the hands of just a few firms.With the industry tipped to grow to $128bn by 2030, there are growing market demands for a product that can decentralise profits.And that's where an ambitious new project called C+Charge comes in.

By utilising the power of blockchain and Web3, C+Charge is planning to disrupt the EV charging. Delivering profits back to the intrepid EV owners leading forward the green revolution.Highly scalable BNB-based blockchain technology enables C+Charge to track and reward EV charging.This makes charging sessions more transparent, and cheaper as the user receives a fractional share of the carbon credits generated by the charge.And the project is gaining massive traction with green tech advocates.

So far the presale funding round has raised a jaw-dropping $2.9m as it enters the 7th presale phase.The news comes as C+Charge announce an exciting new partnership with The Recharge DeFi projects.C+Charge native utility token $CCHG powers the project, acting as a means of settlement throughout the ecosystem.Amongst the first projects built on Binance Smart Chain for the tokenisation of carbon credit assets.This is an innovative token design built for compliance and compatibility with OCPP 2.0 – a universal EV charging station standard.By meeting OCPP 2.0 standards, C+Charge is on track to be

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