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Learn why Oryen Network could never fall victim to exchanges' manipulation, such as FTX and

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Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.For months, a string of unfavorable events has been plaguing the cryptocurrency market.

Another major player in the cryptocurrency industry, FTX, has filed for bankruptcy protection, revealing a brand new set of complications.

The collapse is putting into question the reputation of and other exchanges and crypto projects. However, investors should have no qualms about putting their money into Oryen (ORY), the new reserve currency based on the Binance Smart Chain.Oryen is a brand new DeFi project introducing a novel system for easy staking and passive income generation.

With hourly interest rates that compound significantly over time, investors and crypto enthusiasts like Jim Crypto are buzzing with excitement, calling Oryen the next promising investment.

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