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My story of telling the SEC ‘I told you so’ on FTX

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“I hate to say I told you so” is a phrase oft-repeated but rarely sincere. It’s a delightful feeling to claim credit for warning about a problem in advance.

That’s a liberty I’m taking with federal financial regulators at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.In January of this year, while serving as a member of the SEC Investor Advisory Committee that advises SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on crypto and other matters, I filed a petition with the SEC.

I asked them to open a formal public comment about unique issues presented by crypto and other digital assets. I pointed to crypto custody and intermediary conflicts of interest as key issues the SEC should address.

I called this fresh start a “Digital Asset Regulation Genesis Block” that would help the SEC improve crypto regulation. The SEC aggressively ignored me.Upon my term ending on the SEC’s advisory committee last week, I took the chance to give Chair Gensler some strong words about his abuse of digital assets.

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