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New AI Crypto Surges while Floki Inu Coin Faces Decline – Over $14m Raised, Will Sell Out Today

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Floki Inu, one of the many old generation meme coins, has seen its fair share of ups and downs - but none quite like being side-lined by the recent meme coin narrative.Despite an impressive recent partnership with DWF Labs, which would have sent the likes of Pepecoin or Spongebob token flying - only sparked a brief 5% price increase.This leaves Floki Inu's overall performance with much to be desired as the cryptocurrency suffered a 3.8% drop over the past week, raising questions about its long-term viability.With an anticipated 12% surge likely to meet resistance and faltering support levels, Floki Inu’s fortunes seem increasingly precarious.As Floki Inu grapples with instability, investors are casting their eyes towards other, potentially more promising meme coinsEspecially in the safe haven of presales, which can shelter newly cashed-in returns from a downtick in the meme coin vertical.One such presale that has sparked intense interest is AiDoge, a pioneering crypto project integrating artificial intelligence with the bustling world of memecoins.Diverging from the traditional path of meme coins, AiDoge ($AI), offers an innovative approach to how value is perceived in the digital space.This next generation AI-powered platform, now in the final hours of its presale, has raised nearly $14.85 million, rapidly approaching its hard cap of $14.9 million.Investors looking to buy $AI tokens at a discount should take note as the presale is projected to sell out in a matter of hours.The AiDoge platform has piqued investor interest with its "Meme-to-Earn" (M2E) concept.This novel strategy offers creators the chance to earn $AI tokens by generating memes, marrying creativity with profitability.As this new concept takes hold, AiDoge

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