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New Cryptos Pump on DEXTools After Elon Musk Twitter Space - President Ron DeSantis (RON), Donald (TRUMP) Shitcoins

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With a low DEXTscore and several smart contract warnings, new crypto coins with a US election theme have topped the daily gainers charts on DEXTools.Unlike centralized crypto exchanges (such as Binance, Coinbase) anyone can list a new cryptocurrency token on a decentralized exchange (Uniswap, PancakeSwap) and often tokens pumping by tens of thousands of percent on a DEX are crypto scams.While some 'shitcoins' can be bought and sold for a profit by experienced traders, the $TRUMP token for example has a 98% transaction tax on selling it, which some beginners may be trapped by.The new crypto tokens may have been inspired by the 'technical glitches and hot mic moments' of DeSantis' recent Twitter Space, hyped by Elon Musk.A viral parody of the event features DeSantis, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, Adolf Hitler, the Devil and Trump.President Ron DeSantis (RON) token has a blacklist function, modifiable tax and other issues in the automatic audit results displayed on its dextools.io page.

RON token currently only has 69 holders despite pumping over 30,000%, and a 53/99 rating. That could suggest its price explosion is not real organic demand from buyers looking to invest in a Ron DeSantis coin.Another new coin on Uniswap Trust The Ponzi (TRUST) is also trending, a reference to QAnon phrase 'trust the plan' during the last US election race.On May 24th a $BIDEN token also appeared on Uniswap before immediately retracing its initial pump.Donald (TRUMP) has a 98% sell tax, meaning any buyers will lose all but 2% of their tokens when closing a position, and a very low project reliability score of 19/99.

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