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NFT Signals is The Ultimate NFT Alpha Group, Turning a Profit of $1bn – Checkout the New-Look Website

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Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of Signals, the NFT trading signals service that has delivered more than $1 billion in total group profits to its members, has rebranded its website.In the space of five months, NFT Signals has come from nowhere to become the premier one-stop-shop for trading signals on flipping NFTs for a profit.And having amassed profit totalling $1,007,231,707, its new tagline – ‘The Ultimate NFT Alpha Group’ – is aptly named.Although the trading volume for NFTs has declined significantly from its heights, that hasn’t stopped NFT Signals’ band of pro traders from making money for its free-tier and VIP members.To date, NFT Signals has delivered a 42% return on investment for the group, with a high success rate of 93%.Partnerships with leading industry sites such as, which allows brands, creators and artists to build allowlists for top NFT projects.There’s much to enjoy about the new site.

For starters, it now comes in six languages in addition to English: German, French, Dutch, Arabic, French and Chinese.The new website sets out clearly the three levels of paid membership: monthly ($56), quarterly ($83) and Annually ($277).NFT Signals’ quarterly option is the most popular.

All packages guarantee at least 5 curated NFT trading signals per week and the opportunity to learn from professional NFT traders.A particularly helpful feature of the new-look site is its breakdown of monthly trading signals performance, starting from August.For example, in December there were 47 completed deals, generating a return on investment of 34%, equating to a total profit of 8.72 ETH ($13,533 at the

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