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Pepe Coin Shoots up 6%, Overtaking DOGE's Trading Volume

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The newest crypto market headliner is $PEPE, a revolutionary meme token set to permeate the crypto market and communities, generating upside gains.

Since its debut on April 16th, early adopters have amassed over 6,000% exponential returns on investment, with expectations of further price pumps.

After being listed on Binance on May 5th, the token exceeded $1.5 billion in market capitalization. The most popular meme coin in the market keeps surprising everyone as it ranks first on CoinMarketCap's report as the most trendy crypto asset today.Apart from being the most popular meme token on the market, $PEPE continues to hit new milestones.

The asset currently trades above the renowned $DOGE and has recorded an impressive trading volume of over $216 million in 24 hours.

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