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Play-to-Earn Crypto Meta Masters Guild Presale Reaches $1.3 Million Raised – Limited Time to Invest at Low Prices

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The Meta Masters Guild presale has now raised just over $1.35 million, with only six days remaining until the sale moves from stage three to stage four.

This means that the offering price of one MEMAG token will rise from $0.013 to $0.016, making it 23% more expensive for early buyers to invest ahead of the wider market.But with the play-to-earn gaming platform set to launch a range of exciting mobile-based games from the third quarter of the year onwards, it's likely that MEMAG's price will rise much higher than this once it launches on exchanges and accumulates more users.Only a week ago, Meta Masters Guild's presale's had raised only $500,000.

However, it seems that word-of-mouth and network effects have worked to speed it up, with some 24-hour periods witnessing injections of more than $100,000 into its overall total.It's the same story today, since yesterday the total stood at $1.2 million, meaning that the sale has rised over $100,000 in another 24-hour period.

Again, this suggests that Meta Masters Guild is quickly attracting the interest of more and more members of the wider cryptocurrency community.Set to havve seven stages in all, the presale will end with one MEMAG token costing $0.023, representing a 76.9% increase over its current sale price.

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