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RefundCoin Price Pumps 1000% - Meme Tokens Still The Best Cryptos to Buy Now?

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RefundCoin (RFD) is among the top trending cryptocurrency tokens on Uniswap's 'hot pairs' list with its performance since ICO and today's explosive pump.Trending alongside $WAGMI, $BEN, $GEN and $PEPE, at points $RFD has been the #1 top trending crypto on DEXTools following its May 19th launch.

Spiking well over 1000% today, RFD token is up over 11,000% in total since its Uniswap listing. View the latest RFD price chart on website reads: $RFD has been launched by blurr.eth, who is an OG whale and is estimated to have a net worth of nine figures.

His wallet is known all over Twitter as a top whale as well as being famous for doing a wash sale of his #9998 CryptoPunk for 124k ETH.

The website also links to blurr's crypto wallet profile on DeBank which at the time of writing holds assets valued at $23 million.An Ethereum chain token, RFD coin has a capped total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens and is so far only listed on Uniswap, with a market cap of $36 million.Forbes recently cited Morgan Stanley's Bitcoin price prediction - that the BTC top may be in, as investor interest has instead moved towards new coins on Uniswap.Crypto analyst Jacob Bury makes a RefundCoin price prediction in the video above, noting the current market cap makes 100x gains unlikely from this point.Investing in meme coins as early as possible is recommended, he explains, and the RefundCoin token price has already made exponential gains.

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