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Scottish independence: What happens next after UK rules a second vote is not allowed?

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The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Scotland's parliament can't organise its own independence referendum.Wednesday's decision was unanimous.

It confirmed that the Scottish government didn't have the legal authority to introduce legislation that would allow a new vote without Westminister's permission -- something successive governments in London have refused to give.

Despite Wednesday's ruling, the issue of Scottish independence is not going away. The number of Scots is split evenly between those who want to stay part of the United Kingdom, and those who want Scotland to become an independent nation.

So what happens next? Predicting the future in politics is notoriously difficult, but there are three main scenarios that could play out in Scotland.The SNP could wait until the next UK national election scheduled for 2025, hoping that they will secure an increased majority, strengthening their case for independence.“We want this to be beyond doubt,” said Ruaridh Hanna, an SNP activist. “We need to convince more people [that] independence is the best way forward," he told Euronews.

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