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Top Trending Meme Coin Copium Price Surges as Upcoming 30% Burn Ignites FOMO

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Meme coins are heating up, and new market entrant Copium ($COPIUM) is now igniting interest with a 30% token burn. Launched just days ago on Uniswap, the trending meme coin has surged in demand, more than doubling its price.

While the burn event suggests a price pump, Copium’s ambitions reach much further than this, with a loyal community, influencer support, and creative utility like its Copium Tank NFT program.

With long-term viability and momentum on its side, Copium looks well-positioned to outperform its competitors. Visit Copium Now The mechanism of a token burn might seem like a perplexing idea to those outside the crypto sphere.

It involves strategically eliminating tokens from circulation, effectively tightening the supply. This reduction in availability could potentially escalate the value of the remaining tokens.

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