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Turbo, Capo Price Crash After Listed on OKX, Bybit - 4 New Coin Listings With 10x Potential

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Since listing on OKX and ByBit, one of the world’s largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, four days ago, both Turbo Coin (TURBO) and Il Capo of Crypto (CAPO) token have fallen sharply.TURBO, a meme coin created by generative artificial intelligence (AI) model GPT-4, which also powers viral AI chatbot ChatGPT, was last changing hands around $0.00036 per token.That marks a more than 40% decline from the highs the cryptocurrency hit four days ago in wake of the OKX/ByBit listing in the $0.0006 area.CAPO, a token that is named after a popular pseudonymous crypto influencer and analyst who goes by the name of Il Capo of Crypto on Twitter and boasts nearly 750,000 followers, was last trading around $0.007.That marks a decline of nearly 60% versus the token’s initial post-OKX/Bybit listing highs.TURBO and CAPO’s rise and fall have come during a period of elevated activity in the crypto meme coin sphere.Investors are eagerly hunting for the next Dogecoin, Shiba Inu or Pepe and the elevated level of FOMO is evident.While many investors appear willing to ape into the latest meme coin so long as it has a catchy name and is riding a relevant trend, analysts at encourage crypto investors to be a little more discerning.The vast majority of newly created meme coins lack and real value of utility, meaning they will probably be worthless in as little as a few weeks.An investment in a small-cap crypto has a much better chance of delivering exponential gains if the project actually boasts some real utility.Analysts at spend a lot of time parsing through dozens of crypto start-ups that are offering their native tokens on the cheap via a fund-raising process known as the “presale”.Here are five presale

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