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Unlocking new possibilities in telecommunication with Web3 solutions — AMA with Emeldi

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Telecom giants have been ruling the communications sector for ages. However, as Web3 solutions infiltrate the mainstream, a new type of app is aiming to disrupt that industry.

Created by Emeldi, a leading software provider in the telecom space, the EMG super-app has set out to bring connectivity and access to mobile services to underserved populations around the globe.To learn the latest updates about EMG and its mission, tune in to the Cointelegraph AMA with Emeldi.

Get the inside scoop from Emeldi Group CEO Dusan Bystriansky, CEO & Founder Mark Bystriansky, and CBO & Co-Founder Igor Zavadovsky, on January 23rd, 2023, at 9 AM EST.The latest Cointelegraph AMA will feature Emeldi Group CEO Dusan Bystriansky, CEO and founder Mark Bystriansky, and chief business officer and co-founder Igor Zavadovsky on Jan.

23, 2023 at 2:00 pm UTC with the inside scoop about EMG’s upcoming plans and releases.Telecom service providers face a significant challenge in balancing costs with the ability to reach underprivileged populations in certain countries.

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