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Wagmi Coin Price Down 43% While Ecoterra Blasts to $4m For its Recycle2Earn App

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After an explosive Meme Coin season sent tokens such as $SPONGE and $COPIUM flying, the ever persistent $WAGMI battles on to hold value in face of bleed-out price action.Currently trading at $0.0000000103 - $WAGMI holders are facing a capitulative cascade with no signs of slowing down.This comes as $WAGMI price slides into a key support area - it is clear that price action here is either make or break.With bleak price action dominating the charts, many looked to escape the depths of fear on the recent exit pump.

And of those brave holders soldiering on - many are looking for their exit.While holders despair, those lucky few who escaped with gains are seeking the next supershot to double-down on their profits.

Enter: Ecoterra.As our planet faces escalating environmental crises, an innovative blockchain project, Ecoterra, emerges as a sustainable solution.Heralding a green revolution through the immutable power of blockchain, it has already raised over $4 million in its presale, capturing the attention of global eco-conscious investors.This race to participate in the Ecoterra presale isn't surprising.

Indeed, time is of the essence; we're in presale round seven, with the countdown ticking: just over nine days remain until the token price increases from $0.0085 to $0.00925.With the final listing price set to $0.01, the opportunity for early investment with high potential returns is shrinking by the minute.Ecoterra has won awards for its unique Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) mechanism, which effectively turns recycling into a lucrative pursuit.This extraordinary initiative resonates with both individuals and organizations aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.Its recognition at the Istanbul Blockchain Summit, coupled with a

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